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Joe Lara was accepted into the prestigious Sal Dano Actor’s Workshop, taught by Sal Dano: the late and legendary acting coach. It didn’t take long before Hollywood agents were calling, eager to add Joe Lara to their clientele list, and it didn’t take long for the world the recognize Joe’s acting talent.

CBS studios launched an international search for an actor to portray the epic hero: “Tarzan.” After interviewing thousands, the producers knew they had Tarzan when 6'3" Joe Lara walked through their door. Joe has an undeniable presence. His piercing turquoise blue eyes, his chiseled good looks, comfort on camera, his acting believability, his athleticism… all ingredients of a superstar.

Joe was cast in the television movie: “Tarzan in Manhattan” and later starred in and produced 22 episodes of “Tarzan: The Epic Adventures,” a television series filmed  in South Africa. 

He has also starred in more than twenty films woking on locations all over the world: The United States, the Philippines, Bulgaria, Russia, Czech Republic, Africa, and Mexico.

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